The purpose of the FBCTC Education SUCCESS Program is to provide information to parents and students, grades 4 through 12, that will help students to pursue their career goals following high school graduation. This is whether their plan is to attend college, attend technical school, or enter the military.

Benefits for Parents and Students

  •  Provide information that will help parents navigate through grades 4 through 12 school settings.
  •  Prepare students to reach their post high school graduation goals.
  •  Highlight activities that prepare students to understand the options available to them post high school graduation.


  • Inform students and parents about specific actions to take for students in grades 4 through 12 so they are prepared to graduate and pursue post-secondary goals.   
  • Highlight events that will prepare students for their post graduation goals. 
  • Guide parents and students to sources of information to support students entry into college, technical school, or the military. The SUCCESS Program committee has professional educators from all levels of academia that can provide support to families.

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